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Growing up in Crotone, a small provincial town in Italy’s deep south, Andrea Adamo had to endure the prejudices and narrow-mindedness of a patriarchal culture that tried to sabotage his sense of identity and his dreams of becoming who he is today. “But I always held my head high, and I never gave up on my beliefs,” he said backstage. “No matter the hardships, here I am.”

After years working for brands like Roberto Cavalli and Dolce & Gabbana, Adamo launched his eponymous brand during the 2020 lockdown, an act of bravery under the circumstances. Today was his third outing, which was intended as an homage to his hometown and to his personal story of resilience and tenacity.

Crotone sits in a dry landscape of clay hills, whose cracked textures served as a template for a jacquard motif on a sweeping greatcoat and on a knitted combo of leggings and a tight-fitting off-the-shoulder top. The bodycon ultra-sexy silhouettes in stretch ribbed textures that elicited the attention of celebs like Dua Lipa were offered here in elaborate variations, variously slashed with revealing cutouts, extended with circular panels or with hanging ribbons. They were worn under oversized coat in knitted fur, under lacquered biker shearlings or black glossy leather overshirts. An imposing greatcoat in sunflower yellow shearling slit at the sides was a standout, emerging from the collection’s palette of grays that was a reminder of the tones of Crotone’s surrounding hills. Trying his hand at tailoring was also a smart move for Adamo, who’s cleverly expanding his range to appeal to a wider audience. He has come a long way from his hometown.