These Flower Subscription Services Will Keep Your Rooms in Bloom

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Photographed by Christopher Baker, Vogue, January 2012

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Perhaps the only thing lovelier than a floral bouquet on your coffee table or nightstand is a neverending supply of them, made possible by flower subscription services that will do all the work for you. Shopping for flowers is an idyllic and indulgent experience, but it’s not always an option for time-crunched individuals or those who don’t have a great florist nearby. And those same flower delivery services you rely upon for Birthdays and Anniversaries (UrbanStems, Bouqs, Flowerbx, etc.) have all set up subscription programs to help you keep your space flower-filled. 

Do you love tulips? If so, consider Flowerbx, a florist renowned for its elegantly pared-back single-flower arrangements. Shopping for a thoughtful gift for your environmentally-conscious friend? Consider Farmgirl Flowers for them—a steady stream of flowers will arrive in biodegradable burlap pouches. All these details, plus all each company’s pricing structures, below. 

Best Flower Subscription Services: 

Flower Subsription Services as a Gift

A thoughtful gift idea? Fresh flowers on the regular. Your recipient will be delighted at the first delivery but even more so when they realize they have a recurring bouquet arriving at their doorstep. Plus, if you’re pressed for time, delivery leads are pretty quick and you can pick a type of bouquet that suits the giftee—from your environmentally conscious co-worker (think Farmgirl Flowers) or your minimalist fashion friend (Flowerbx). And lest you forget, Mother’s Day is coming up, and flowers—especially a recurring delivery—are a foolproof gift.

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Stems

Urbanstems: Best for Its Range

For this well-known flower delivery service’s subscription model, there are three tiers: Classic, Seasonal, and Luxe. Each varies by cost per bouquet with adjustable frequencies (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and durations (3, 6, 9, or 12 deliveries). All tiers offer slightly discounted offerings—the Classic plan gets you a $55-$72 bouquet for 50; the Seasonal plan offers $85-$120 for $75 and the Luxe plan is $120-$190 for $100. The first two plans offer a vase only with your first delivery while Luxe bouquets come with a unique vase each time. You won’t know exactly what floral varieties will arrive but it’s all part of the fun. Urbanstems will pick the most in-season bouquet to send to you each time.

Urban Stems the Classic plan

Urban Stems the Seasonal plan

Urban Stems the Luxe plan

Photo: Courtesy of BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox: Best for Botanical Garden Patrons

This company sets itself apart with its structure; BloomsyBox is vertically integrated, which means they grow, farm, distribute, and deliver all its bouquets. The flower delivery service offers one-off deliveries but also has a robust array of subscription plans. From weekly plans starting at $45, choose from a roses-only plan, a simple monthly Eucalyptus delivery, or even a plan inspired by The New York Botanical Garden. A  percentage of each monthly delivery (priced at $70) supports NYBG’s work in plant science and conservation, plus the blooms are curated by the NYBG’s floral connoisseurs. It’s almost as good as owning your own cutting garden.

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Original

BloomsyBox the NYBG subscription

BloomsyBox Bloomsy Premium

Bouqs: Best Value

The best thing about Bouqs’s flower subscription service is undoubtedly the flexibility. This service allows you to rotate delivery addresses and recipients so, should you like, you can apply a “one for them, one for me” strategy. And just as appealing is the pricing structure. Bouqs bouquets are priced per stem count and there are three tiers of the subscription program. The Original plan gets you 10-16 stems for $30; the Deluxe plan gets you 20-32 for $48, and the Grand plan is 30-45 for $60. Each can be sent weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly.

Bouqs Original plan

Bouqs Deluxe plan

Bouqs Grand plan

Photo: Courtesy of Flowerbx

Flowerbx: Best for Simple Elegance

Think of Flowerbx as a flower purist. The florist offers single-flower bouquets—bunches of tulips, clusters of lilacs—for arrangements that will give your guests the impression that you might have your very own cutting garden. This is a service best for those who want to behold the beauty of their favorite bloom. Flowerbx offers three tiers of subscriptions: Tulip (starting at $70 per delivery); Classic, which offers roses, peonies (at $90 per delivery); and Premium which offers cut orchids, delphiniums, and Cala lilies (at $145). Options range from a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly subscription and all three tiers provide you with a vase with the first delivery.

Flowerbx the Tulip subscription

Flowerbx the Classic subscription

Flowerbx the Premium subscription

Photo: Courtesy of Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers: Best for the Eco-Conscious

Farmgirl Flowers sets itself apart by offering most of its bouquets in biodegradable upcycled burlap coffee sacks and sourcing a selection of its blooms from domestic flower farms. Their subscription model allows you to pick from six different arrangement-varieties and choose a frequency of once a week, every other week, or once a month. Pricing-wise, this starts at Farmgirl’s favorite Fun Size Burlap Wrapped Bouquet—15 stems at $59. You won’t know exactly which flowers you’ll get, but that’s half the fun. And for the flower enthusiast who prefers to arrange their own blooms, Farmgirl has what they call The Market Haul, which includes 35 stems of three to four varieties of flowers for you to arrange into one big beautiful bouquet or sprinkle across your home.

Farmgirl Flowers fun size burlap wrapped bouquet

Farmgirl Flowers big love burlap wrapped bouquet

Photo: Courtesy of Matilda’s Bloombox

Matilda’s Bloombox: Best for Local Blooms

It’s rare to receive a bouquet of local blooms, but Matilda’s Bloombox hopes to bring one to your doorstep—better yet, they’ll send you the cut flowers for you to DIY into your own bouquet. The company is focused on in-season, farmer-grown flowers (think peonies plucked in Oregon and Ranuculi sourced from San Diego), supporting small businesses and the idea that your blooms don’t have to travel internationally to get to you. In terms of their subscription plans, Matilda’s Bloombox offers an incredibly flexible plan (at $39 per flower box) which can come as often as you like. The offerings are adjusted based on what's in bloom and available.

Matilda's Bloombox arrangement

Photo: Courtesy of Fresh Sends

Fresh Sends: Best For Flowers and More

Founded in 2019, Fresh Sends aimed to make gift-giving (and showing how much you care!) easier. They make being thoughtful a breeze with their ready-made care packages of candles, creams, and fragrances plus, they have picture-perfect bouquets (which come wrapped in festive newspaper-like tissue) should you be looking for an even fresher Fresh Sends. Their offerings are simple: a bouquet shipped next day to your giftee—or yourself! They promise a 7-10 day shelf life and only use in-season stems. And with Fresh Sends, you can be confident you’re going to love the way it looks because the entire brand’s aesthetic is equal parts cheery, groovy, and retro.

Fresh Sends the Send bouquet