Kendall and Kylies Matching Sister Manicures Are a Subtle Update On a Classic
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Kendall and Kylie’s Matching Sister Manicures Are a Subtle Update On a Classic

Hailey Bieber recently unveiled a set of glow-in-the-dark green nails that were impossible to miss, but two of her equally influential friends are making the case for a more understated alternative. Kendall and Kylie Jenner just took their sisterly bond to new heights with a set of matching low-key manis.

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Over a glass or two of red wine, the sisters took to Instagram to showcase identical square-tipped takes on the classic French mani, even pausing to remark just how similar their hands were. “I just noticed we have the same hands??” wrote Kylie, cheekily adding that it was Kendall who “copied” her with regards to nail choice.

Moving away from this year’s slightly cloudier vanilla French nail trend towards more transparent textures feels somehow more weather appropriate as we settle into spring, while the square tip offers a fresh take on an otherwise traditional style. Those looking to shake up their nail look should take note of this approach from the always influential Jenner sisters.