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Blackpink’s Jennie Kim on Attending Her First Met Gala

Jennie Kim talks to Emma Chamberlain about what it's like at her first Met Gala.

Released on 05/01/2023


How are you?

I am everywhere.

This is my first Met. First Met?

Are you feeling nervous, overwhelmed, excited?

Where is your head at?

I was really excited until I got off my car,

like two minutes ago.

That's what happens to me.

It's like, I think I'm fine, I think I'm cool.

And then I get out and I'm like, Whoa, this is a lot.

So you're about to walk on the carpet.

What do you think happens after that?

What do you think happens when you get inside?

That's a really good question

because I see people wearing these crazy dresses.

I'm so curious to see how they sit down.

Right. [Jennie chuckles]

I love this because this is so like, this is so effortless.

It works. And gorgeous and simple.

I can sit down. Who is this?

[Jennie] I'm wearing Chanel from the 90s runway.

Amazing. I'm so lucky

to have the Chanel team recreated this look

from the 90s, the one that Karl did.

So I'm just like so happy. [giggles]

I mean, congratulations. Thank you.

You look beautiful.

You are gonna have the best time in there.

Thank you.

[Emma] Like what's like the biggest mystery to you?

I would say literally everything because

it's my first. You just don't know,

it's your first one. I don't know what to expect.

Totally. But Rosie,

she was here last year and she told me just have fun.

So that's the plan for today.

I'm gonna go have fun. You're gonna have

so much fun and I'll see you in there.

So happy to meet you.

I'm so happy to meet you,

it's such a pleasure.

I can't even...

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