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Nicole Kidman on Wearing Her Chanel N°5 Dress 25 Years Later

Nicole Kidman talks with La La Anthony on the Met Gala red carpet about once again wearing her Chanel dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld, 25 years later.

Released on 05/01/2023


I am here with Nicole Kidman

who also just shut down the Met Gala carpet

as you were coming up.

I was just like, you look amazing

and this dress looks familiar.

Can you tell us about the dress?

So, this dress was one

in the Chanel No. 5 commercial that Baz Luhrmann,

and I did with Karl who concocted this out of his head.

It's gorgeous. I have the sketches

when he was drawing it.

Wow. And then we fitted it.

I remember fitting it repeatedly.

And I think my deep, deep sort

of love of Karl came through this time together

because I knew him very, very well.

And so, to be able to honor him

and wear this dress now for Chanel and show,

I suppose the way these couture gowns last.

Yes. And the exquisiteness.

Isn't that incredible? And if you take care

of them and love for them, they are timeless.

Absolutely. to be able to wear

the same thing 20 years later

and it still holds,

because it's so whimsy. That is amazing.

There's whimsy to it. Right.

And it's so light as a feather.


And it's unbelievably comfortable, but it's all handmade.

It's couture. And that's what it should be.

You look absolutely gorgeous, Nicole.

Absolutely gorgeous.

And I hear so many people tell stories

about working with Karl

and how amazing it was and how kind and how patient.

What was your experience like working with Karl?

He'd make me laugh.

He was funny. He was so funny.


And I also just,

I think right now to celebrate the history

of fashion and the way in which we need

the beautiful, beautiful work that goes into these clothes.


To be honored and remembered.

That's what I love.

Absolutely, I think everyone's

Because it's an art form. in for

an incredible evening.

Yeah, aren't we going to have fun?

With just honoring Karl Lagerfeld.

Now you get to have fun.

And you look absolutely stunning.

And my.

Thank you so much.

And my husband's here. Yes, hi. How are you, Keith?

It's nice to see you.

Just staring like a proud, proud husband.

I love that.

You guys have an incredible evening.

Thank you so much.

Nice to see you. All right, see you.

Thank you.

Thank you, Vogue. All right, bye-bye.


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