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For fall, Natasha Zinko drew inspiration from comic books, specifically Marvel’s She-Hulk. For the most part, in the metaphorical sense. “There’s a monster that lives in all of us—in the best way possible—no matter who we are, where we come from, or what we do for a living,” the designer said backstage after her London show. “I wanted to celebrate the inner strength that we all have the ability to tap into.”

The show opened with a black skirt suit with pronounced shoulders that, upon closer inspection, revealed frayed hems and a six-pack chest imprinted on Lycra. Frays became more severe across the collection, and the six-packs even more impactful—from tailored suits in herringbone and floor-length puffer coats, to oversized T-shirts and baggy jeans—as if the monster had just transformed back into human form. “I wanted the looks to resemble the everyday character, like corporate office workers, or physicians going about their routine, but with a superpower within them.”

A figure-hugging dress with a snood, an oversized coat, and a zip-up three-quarter length bodysuit were among the separates with comic book motifs. Skin-tight pieces emblazoned with the souped-up body of a Hulk-like figure were also layered between looks, continuing the overarching theme. Zinko herself took her in brilliant purple, a nod to the Hulk’s shorts that any Marvel fan would recognize. “I feel like I have superpowers with this on,” she beamed. “Trust me, if you wear this color, you’ll get some too.”