Watch Emma Chamberlain Make an Espresso Martini (Plus Dessert!)

Emma Chamberlain is many things—influencer, model, podcast host, coffee maven, and all-around online person you should know—but today, she’s adding “chef” to the list as she joins Vogue to prepare almond financiers and an espresso martini. (In other words, the perfect digestif.)

“The key to every good pastry is butter, and a lot of it. Keep that in mind,” Chamberlain advises as she mixes her concoction. Truth be told, she’s normally more of an eater than a baker, but she’s willing to expand her repertoire: “A few chunks in it? That’s Emma-style.” 

As the 21-year-old demonstrates her skills with a piping bag, she describes her anticipation for the upcoming Met Gala, which will be her third. “I love doing a big jewelry moment at the Met,” Chamberlain notes, adding that for her look this year, she’d like to do something “more suit-y...but it’s such a process.” All this Met chatter doesn’t distract her from the task at hand, however, and before you know it, it’s time to pop the financiers in the oven and shift gears to the martini. “We could make a classic cup of coffee, but that just isn’t Vogue enough,” Chamberlain says, dipping into her mixology toolbox (which includes vodka and Chamberlain Coffee, of course). Once the cookies are baked, it’s time to chow down—and really, can you conjure a better dessert than an almond financier dipped in boozy coffee?

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