Inside the MegaWatt Princes Trust Global Gala Where Rita Ora Performed
Angela Pham/

Inside the Mega-Watt Prince’s Trust Global Gala, Where Rita Ora Performed

Throughout the night, nearly every speaker and honoree spoke of the importance of confidence. By investing in the future of children, the Trust allows those children to believe in themselves. That conviction can be transformative, as shown by over a million lives changed by the initiative. The work is more necessary than ever, given the current economic and social uncertainties throughout the world.

“Unlocking confidence starts a magical chain reaction and a virtuous circle of positivity,” said Charlotte Tilbury, Global Ambassador of Enterprise. “Since the pandemic, there is a real crisis in confidence in the younger generations.”

Throughout the night, attendees heard from young participants from the programs like Tracey-Ann Harriage. Through the Explore Enterprise program,  Harriage, a Jamaican survivor of domestic violence, launched two social enterprises that support fellow victims of abuse.

Idris Elba took to the stage to share his own experience with the Prince’s Trust. As a promising young actor from East London,  Elba wanted to apply to a pre-professional drama course, but his family could not afford the fee. His theater teacher advised him to look into the Prince’s Trust. After auditioning, he was given the opportunity to pursue his passion.  “The one thing the Prince’s Trust gave me was confidence,”  Elba said. “It gave me the confidence to believe in what I do, who I am, and what I can be.”

Following a delicious feast of short ribs, a live auction garnered dizzying prices. The lots included a dinner for twenty at Highgrove House and a ride on Lionel Richie’s private plane to attend his Vegas concert. The crowd cheered as the bids grew higher.

After dessert cleared, Rita Ora took to the stage. Her electrifying set included the first-ever performance of her new single “Praising You (feat. Fatboy Slim),” a reimagining of his ’90s big beat hit. The crowd danced and hollered as Ora provided the perfect ending to a night of celebration and commitment.